Tekram P5T30-WS BIOS 다운로드 무료 (ver. 1.­08)

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Tekram P5T30-WS (ver. 1.­08) 배포일 1998.10.27.

6 회 다운로드 되었으며 5862 회 조회되었습니다.

브랜드 Tekram
운영 체제 BIOS
버젼 1.­08
파일 크기 256 Kb
배포일 1998.10.27
검색 & 다운로드

Tekram P5T30-WS BIOS를 검색한 후 다운로드 링크를 준비해 드립니다.

Newest Flash BIOS for P5T30-WS Mainboard.­ Cyrix 6x86MX 2*75=150MHz CPU shows PR200 ( Instead of PR166 ) ADD IDT-C6 support Add support for PIIX4-E for new production Fix WIN98 RC1 can not power off when shutdown ( RC4 seems no problem ) Correct display message for Cyrix MII 266/­300 ( Previous version has display message error with incorrect PR Rating as requested by Cyrix ) Remove FAST-A20 Item Remove Bootup Speed Item PCI slot IRQ selectable,­ PCI IDE Item is removed (For PCI IDE,­ select the related PCI slot IRQ to 14 or 15) Sync with Award BIOS date code = 1998/­6/­8 Add USB Keyboard support Fix WIN95 intermittent power-off problems Fix system hang when CDROM drive set as NONE in CMOS setup Fix DMICFG display memory module information error

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