Tekram P5MVP-B4 BIOS 다운로드 무료 (ver. 1.­15)

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Tekram P5MVP-B4 (ver. 1.­15) 배포일 2016.07.07.

0 회 다운로드 되었으며 5577 회 조회되었습니다.

브랜드 Tekram
운영 체제 BIOS
버젼 1.­15
파일 크기 256 Kb
배포일 2016.07.07
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Newest Flash BIOS for P5MVP-B4 &­ *P5MVP-A4 Mainboards.­ (2Mb Flash Chip).­ *Note: This BIOS file is for ALL P5MVP-B4 mainboards,­ but some P5MVP-A4 mainboards will use the 1Mb Flash Chip.­ See Tech Note: 00110FA6 for more info on using this BIOS file with P5MVP-A4 mainboards.­ Add AMD /­ IDT /­ RiSE /­ Cyrix CPU support Fix system will not boot if HDD in primary IDE while LS-120 is connected to secondary IDE channel Fix "IRQ Steering" Bug Add ACPI Support Fix USB keyboard reset system during POST Fix Win 98 OPK install hang problem Set the "Slow Down UDMA2" item Setup Default Value as "Enable" ADD SETUP OPTION TO FIX UDMA 2 BUG FOR Western Digital HDD - "Slow Down UDMA2" in Integrated Peripherals Setup Fix AMD K6-2 366Mhz,­ 380Mhz,­ 400Mhz Display Fix "System Commder" tool bug Add support for ZIP Drive "Non-Floppy Mode"

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