Tekram S3815-ANE BIOS 다운로드 무료 (ver. 1.­02)

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Tekram S3815-ANE (ver. 1.­02) ZIP 배포일 2016.07.08.

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브랜드 Tekram
운영 체제 BIOS
버젼 1.­02
파일 크기 285 Kb
파일 종류 ZIP
배포일 2016.07.08
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Newest Flash BIOS for S3815-AE/­ANE &­ ME Mainboards.­ Add ICS94201 clock chip support.­ When ICS94201 clock chip is used,­ FSB clock speed can be adjust by 1MHz increment.­ Fix clock speed error when resume from S3 and over-clocking.­ Fix Load optimized default Slight Adjust FSB clock defaultChange "Clock By Slight Adjust" to "CPU Host Clock [MHz]" Add an item for disabling AGP 4X support.­ Advanced ChipSet Features "AGP 4X Data Transfer Mode - Enable/­Disable" Some 4X AGP controllers use 3.­3V instead of 1.­5V mistakenly in 4X AGP mode.­ 3.­3V can work up to 2X mode only.­ Add IO delay in Get_­CMOS2 &­ Set_­CMOS2 routine.­ Hide main memory freq.­ item if no 133Mhz cpu present.­

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